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St Ives Beer & Cider Festival

August 27th, 2015

Oh yes… we had a great time at the St Ives Beer and Cider festival and it was seriously handy that Cohort is just staggering distance to the Guildhall, where it was held, as there was some serious ‘sampling’ taking place.

Great turn out

There was a great turn out and with a free pint glass with every ticket there was no excuse not to get involved.

As you may imagine, taking photos wasn’t high on our agenda but this one gives you an idea of how busy it was…

Beer & Cider Festival

There were over 2000 people through the door over the 3 nights / 2 days festival and an impressive 5000 pints of beer & cider drunk.

Cohort Beer & Cider ‘team’

We had a bunch of free tickets at the hostel and went down on the Saturday night.

Cohort Beer Team

Let’s just say it was a good job we were only seconds away from our beds!

St Ives nightlife

We know there’s not a beer festival on every weekend so we’ve done a quick guide to St Ives’ nightlife which you can read here. There’s plenty of places you can down a pint, sip on a cocktail or party on the beach and Caroline or Danny at the hostel will point you in the direction of any particular nights that are happening while you’re in town.

We love the Hub and the Balcony for the great surf crowd, late nights and dancing (who needs a dance floor!) and they also serve food if you need to line your stomach beforehand. Grab your room mates and head on down to the harbour any night of the week.

Local beers at Cohort

… not to mention that at our bar we stock St Ives Brewery beverages; Boilers (ale) and Cornish lager.

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