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We had a wedding

June 22nd, 2016

OK, it was quite a while ago now but it was so lovely we really wanted to talk about it: We weren’t actually there during the event (obviously) but we were party to how beautiful the wedding couple made the hostel look and to their plans and arrangements before the big day.

Exclusive hire of Cohort

Ian & Tess approached us last year with an idea of hosting their wedding party at Cohort and up until that point it hadn’t really been anything we’d considered doing; not because we didn’t want to but because we were so caught up in getting the renovations finished we hadn’t thought about much other than opening.

They were keen to have all their wedding party in one place and, as most of us are these days, were on a budget. Cohort sleeps up to 60 and the wedding party were just under 30 people including kids (and babies) so loads of space for everyone.

Taking full advantage of facilities

Our guys (notice how we’ve adopted them as ‘ours’) had brilliant ideas for how to use the communal spaces at the hostel, both inside and out, and we were delighted with what they did – toasting marshmallows over a bonfire, group photographs in the lounge and a pop-up paella night in the courtyard, courtesy of the wonderful guys at Hidden Kitchen.

Wedding at Cohort Wedding at Cohort Wedding at Cohort Wedding at Cohort

Decorating the hostel

Tess & Ian decorated the hostel with bunting and flowers; it looked fantastic: All the rooms had people’s names on it – a sleeping plan rather than a seating plan. The bride and groom were on site with their friends and family for the whole time and this only added to the already lovely atmosphere.

Wedding at Cohort Wedding at Cohort Wedding at Cohort Groomsmen surfing St Ives

Wedded bliss

We were lucky enough to receive a short testimonial from the couple a few weeks later and we hope they don’t mind if we publish a little bit of it here:

Cohort was the perfect place for us and our guests to stay during our wedding week because not only is it a beautiful building in the heart of the gorgeous St Ives, we were given complete flexibility with how we decorated it. 

Every part of it felt comfortable, from the bedrooms to the gorgeous communal area to the courtyard outside. 

Being a short walk from the church it was completely relaxing and there was no need to worry about transport or people getting lost. And guests could come and go as they pleased without having to have a rigid plan. 

Almost equally as importantly, it was affordable which isn’t often the case when talking about venues or accommodation for Weddings.

In short, staying here made our wedding as amazing as we could ever have hoped for, and every one of our guests agreed – with the majority saying it was the best wedding they’ve ever been to.

Thanks guys – we really loved having you and you demonstrated beautifully what a lot of imagination on a little budget can do. We wish you huge amounts of happiness for now and the future.

Tess & Ian

Photographs by Nick Pumphrey and Matty Snelling

Exclusive hire

Read a bit more how you can hire Cohort exclusively for a wedding, reunion, birthday or any other kind of event: We’d be delighted to hear your ideas.

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