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Happy New Year!

January 16th, 2019

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our friends, guests, future guests, lovers, family and people who work in the NHS and education. We hope you’ve all had a good start to 2019 and aren’t in too much shock at being back at work.

New Year’s Eve at Cohort

We had a bloomin’ awesome new year here at Cohort Hostel. There was superb group chemistry from everyone who stayed with us and along with the great atmosphere on site lots of people met new friends and spent the evening hanging out together in St Ives.

We had guests from all over the world and a couple from Sweden who had come all the way down just for that week! Amazing and a true commitment to a New Year’s party!

New year resolutions

Say what?

Why deprive yourself of anything during the most miserable month of the year… miserable, of course, because Cohort is closed! Mainly for general repainting and fun and games with big boy tools.

We are going to be posting what we get up to on Facebook and Instagram so watch those spaces if you’re interested to see what’s going on behind locked doors!

So, maybe one resolution…

DO MORE VIDEO. We’ve been promising ourselves for years to do more video stuff. Armed with our trusty selfie stick and camera-shy Assistant Manager, Dave, we will be filming our way through the season. Maybe (and I mean ‘maybe’) it would be worth subscribing to our Youtube channel… you never know, more subscribers, or indeed any subscribers, may motivate us to get more done.

Going into our 5th season at Cohort Hostel

2019 sees the start of our 5th year as Cohort Hostel. We’ve learned a lot (sometimes in a far more painful way than we’ve wanted to!) but we are going from strength to strength.

Thank you to everyone who has stayed with us so far – groups, universities, schools, friends, inviduals, surfers, walkers and in all the varying age brackets and nationalities. We have loved having you and hope to see lots more of you in the coming year.

Wherever you are in the world have a great January and enjoy the fact that Christmas is a long, long, long way away!

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