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Health, safety and hygiene

TRUST, TRUST, TRUST. In a Covid-19 world we understand that there is a new normal; more importantly we understand how important it is that you have trust in our health, safety and hygiene practices. Trust that we are doing everything in our power to ensure that our building and our guests are safe as possible and that it is safe to stay with us.

To reiterate that trust we applied for and received the Visit England ‘Good to Go’ accreditation which means we are following industry standards to keep our accommodation safe and taking all necessary steps to stay Covid secure. See our certificate here.

We have inevitably had to make changes to the way we operate the hostel. Rooms have changed, facilities have changed, procedures have changed… but we haven’t changed. We are still the same old (well not so old), chirpy people but we may just sometimes be wearing a mask; it’s nothing personal and we’ll still be smiling behind it :-).

We are being led by UK Government guidelines, which are coming out frequently and so we are making further changes as guidance is published.


As you navigate our website you will come across some changes. We no longer offer shared dorm rooms: We have reduced the number the rooms available in the building to 8, and we are no longer offering shared dorms but are now selling all as private rooms to solo travellers, couples, families or support bubbles and our new pricing structure reflects this. We are pricing per room instead of per bed.

In addition to this we have reduced the occupancy of the hostel by up to 60% to minimise the number of people in the building to ensure safe access to facilities as well as being able to safeguard adequate social distancing measures

Who can stay with us in one room

Singles, couples, families living in the same household or friends living in the same household.

No more than people from two households or two support bubbles should be sharing a room overnight. If you are unsure about your group please check government guidance here.

If a small group from more than two households / support bubbles would like to stay with us then you must ensure that you have separate rooms and continue to adhere to all social distancing guidelines.

Please do not book with us if you are a group of more than 6 people, even if you have separate rooms. On arrival if we find or suspect you are in a group of more than 6 people over a number of rooms then we reserve the right to refuse your reservation and no refund will be given.

Everyone staying in the same room MUST ARRIVE TOGETHER otherwise we reserve the right to refuse your reservation and no refund will be given.

Paying for your stay

The building is now CASHLESS. Please do not try to pay with any form of cash as we will not accept it. We will only accept cards or Apple Pay.


One thing we cannot escape from or change is the fact we are a hostel residing in an old Grade II listed building with shared washroom facilities and so we have to make some significant changes. Please accept these as part of the quirks of staying in such a lovely building!

We have improved our hand washing facilities in the bathrooms by installing contactless taps and replacing our automatic hand dryers with paper towels: These changes reduce the risk of spreading or picking up germs.


The Government has published strict guidelines around shared shower facilities. Each room will now be allocated their own shower cubicle in one of the two washrooms (formally the male and female washroom). For this reason our shower rooms have had to become UNISEX shower blocks (it goes without saying that each shower cubicle is completely private).

We will do our best to allocate rooms to guests so that we can create separation of the sexes in each shower block but this may not always be possible.

In addition to these measures we are also operating an only ‘two at a time’ in each washroom block. So there will never be high numbers of people in each block, in addition because of our reduced capacity there should neither be long waiting periods to access the washrooms.


Though our toilets facilities are in the same areas as the shower facilities we are still operating segregated toilet facilities. We expect our male guests to use to the toilets in the male washroom and female guests to use the female toilets (upstairs in the female washroom)

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause; we are led by UK Government guidance and this system is the only way our hostel can work practically, safely and within the COVID guidelines. 


We have had to make changes to our facilities. To minimise risk of transmission of COVID-19 we have put into storage non-essential comfort items such as communal bean bags, cushions and games and our library of books.

We have installed alcohol hand sanitising stations throughout the hostel and we expect all guests to use these, especially when they enter and leave the building as well as when entering and leaving the washrooms and kitchen.

Please note that while we have had to reduce facilities at Cohort we are working really hard to get them up and running again as soon as possible.

  • Our dining room, dry room and laundry area are closed
  • Games, books and beanbags/cushions have gone into storage
  • Book exchange unavailable to use
  • Bed privacy curtains in storage
  • TV area is closed
  • No access to the communal kitchen (see below)
  • Reduced lounge occupancy (see below)


Shared kitchen facilities represent a higher risk area. For this reason the government have instructed all hostels to close shared kitchen facilities.

We know what an important facility this is and rest assurred that we are doing everything we can to get it open in some capacity as soon as possible.

Main lounge

We have reduced the seating area in our lounge. We will now only allow a maximum of 12 people to occupy the lounge at any one time. All seating is distanced at 1m+ from each other.

We will still be offering free tea and coffee in the morning from 8am-10am. You will not be able to approach the café hatch anymore, instead find a seat and we’ll offer table service. Teas and coffees will be in takeaway cups and so please consider leaving the room when you have received your morning caffeine hit.

Social distancing

In order to adhere to current UK Government social distancing guidelines we have reduced the number of people allowed to occupy our communal lounge to a maximum of 15 people at any one time, with distancing measures in place at our reception desk and bar/café.

We are also operating a traffic management system around our corridors (Stop, Look, Give way) to minimise close contact between guests when moving around our building as well as a one-way traffic system. We reside in a Grade II listed building with some small corridors and so care and common sense will need to be used.

Cleaning procedures

We have revised and implemented enhanced cleaning protocols at Cohort.

Staff will be carrying out hourly cleans of all surfaces and touch points throughout the building and the cleaning products we use all meet UK Government guidance and are effective against enveloped viruses (Covid-19).

Check-in time

For those that have stayed with us before, another change is that we have moved our check-in time from 12 to 2pm to allow extra time for deep cleaning of the rooms between guests.  

Flexible T&Cs

In order to remain as flexible as possible over this period we have adjusted our Terms & Conditions for bookings made on or after 10th June 2020; these changes allow for free cancellations / modifications up until Midday the day before arrival. More information can be found on our T&Cs page; please do take a look – we’ve tried to make it as friendly and readable as possible.

NHS Test & Trace app

Please download the Covid-19 NHS Test & Trace app. You can then check-in at Cohort on arrival using the QR code that we will supply. More details, including the QR code, can be found here.

A note from us…

All the above measures are designed to keep you and our staff safe: That is our priority. On arrival you will be given a leaflet outlining all these changes and the new procedures that you need to know.

Our new procedures are fluid and will be constantly monitored and revised to ensure that we are acting in the best interests of our guests and staff while still ensuring that you have a good time during your stay; after all, you are on holiday.

We trust you’ll appreciate the reason for all these changes and visit us confident in the knowledge that everything we have done (and will continue to do) at Cohort will make it a safe and pleasurable place to stay.

When all is said and done the best way for you to keep safe is to regularly wash your hands for 20 seconds, dry them properly, adhere to social distance guidelines and avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth. If these simple measures are followed then that is the best way to keep yourself safe and those around you safe.

A note from St Ives

St Ives town is doing everything it can to reduce the risk of transmission when out and about. They have produced a Town Guide specifically for this season and you can download it here. Please do behave responsibly around town, the last thing we all want is another lockdown.

Get in touch

If you have any questions before you arrive about these changes or our health and hygiene procedures then please do not hesitate to contact us, you can call us on 01736 791664 email or use the form below:

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