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Health, safety and hygiene

TRUST, TRUST, TRUST. In a Covid-19 world we understand that there is a new normal; more importantly we understand how important it is that you have trust in our health, safety and hygiene practices. Trust that we are doing everything in our power to ensure that our building and our guests are safe as possible and that it is safe to stay with us.

We are being led by UK Government guidelines and are now back to pre-pandemic operations. Be assurred however that enhanced cleaning isn’t going anywhere!

Flexible T&Cs

While COVID-19 guidance still requests people to isolate in the event of a positive test our Terms & Conditions for bookings will automatically be on a free cancellations / modifications basis. This is up until Midday the day before arrival.

More information can be found on our T&Cs page; please do take a look – we’ve tried to make it as friendly and readable as possible.

Covid-19 Flexibility Guarantee

All our school and group bookings for the foreseeable future are protected by our Covid-19 Flexibility Guarantee. This ensures that if your trip is cancelled for any Covid-19 related reason (lockdown / local lockdown / outbreak in the school, etc.) and government guidance advises you not to travel you will either be able to transfer your trip to a later date OR cancel entirely and receive a full refund.


All our rooms are now operating as normal, with dorm beds sold on an individual basis as before. We do however have an increased number of private rooms available to book and we would encourage families, nervous travellers, vulnerable guests to take advantage of that.

Who can stay with us in one room

There are currently no legal restrictions on who can stay with us in one room.

Shower blocks

One thing we cannot escape from or change is the fact we are a hostel residing in an old Grade II listed building with shared washroom facilities. However we are confident that the changes we have made minimise the risk of COVID transmission within these facilities.

We have installed contactless taps to minimise touch points, are cleaning the shower blocks (even more) regularly, providing sanitisation products within the showers for guest use and ensuring shower blocks are kept fully ventilated.


All our facilities are now open and operating as usual; we just ask people to exercise common sense when using areas such as the self-catering kitchen and to be aware of over crowding in these areas.

  • Our dining room, dry room and laundry area are open but please be aware of over crowding.
  • The TV area is open but please be aware of over crowding.
  • Our self-catering kitchen is open please be aware of over crowding.

We have installed alcohol hand sanitising stations throughout the hostel and we expect all guests to use these, especially when they enter and leave the building and when entering and leaving the washrooms.


We know what an important facility this is and will do everything we can to keep it open; however this is reliant on guests being meticiulous about washing and tidying up after themselves and clearing out food when they leave. We will be reviewing the kitchen facility regularly and reserve the right to shut it at any point if we deem it necessary.

Social distancing & Mask wearing

Mask wearing and social distancing is entirely at the individual’s discretion. We reside in a Grade II listed building with some small corridors and so care and common sense will need to be used.

Cleaning procedures

We have revised and implemented enhanced cleaning protocols at Cohort.

Staff carry out regular checks and cleans of all surfaces and touch points throughout the building.

Check-in time

For those that have stayed with us before, another change is that we have moved our check-in time from 12 to 2pm to allow extra time for deep cleaning of the rooms between guests.  

A note from us…

All the above measures are designed to keep you and our staff safe: That is our priority.

Our new procedures are fluid and will be constantly monitored and revised to ensure that we are acting in the best interests of our guests and staff while still ensuring that you have a good time during your stay; after all, you are on holiday.

We trust you’ll appreciate the reason for all these changes and visit us confident in the knowledge that everything we have done (and will continue to do) at Cohort will make it a safe and pleasurable place to stay.

When all is said and done the best way for you to keep safe is to regularly wash your hands for 20 seconds, dry them properly and avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth. If these simple measures are followed then that is the best way to keep yourself safe and those around you safe.

A note from St Ives

St Ives town is doing everything it can to reduce the risk of transmission when out and about. Please do behave responsibly around town – adhere to individual premises requests around social distancing and mask wearing and be mindful of others. Above all keep smiling – you’re on holiday!

Get in touch

If you have any questions before you arrive about these changes or our health and hygiene procedures then please do not hesitate to contact us, you can call us on 01736 791664 email or use the form below:

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