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Winter residentials

The brilliant benefits of #WinterResidentials from LearningAway on Vimeo.

FACT: Winter residentials are more affordable and therefore more inclusive.

Research conducted by Learning Away has found that the transformation in students is greater the sooner the residential takes place in the school year. However residentials in schools are likely to take place in the summer term, just as staff are saying goodbye.

Winter residentials at Cohort

At Cohort, our entire winter season is dedicated to schools and groups. We welcome the opportunity to show you St Ives in a different light. Yes, it may be a little colder but it’s certainly no less spectacular – it anything it’s better experienced without the crowds.

With the entire hostel to yourselves you can enjoy movie nights on our big screen, invite guest speakers in, take over the lounge for jam or yoga sessions and set up seminars in rooms all over the building.

10 reasons to winter in St Ives

  1. St Ives is much quieter
    • No battling with tourists and crowds
  2. You’ll have the galleries, beaches and streets to yourselves
    • The beaches are INCREDIBLE in the winter
  3. It’s cheaper
    • Trips can be more inclusive
  4. Better availability of workshops and artist educators
    • People we work with are less busy October – March
  5. Easier to book groups into restaurants
    • Often restaurants won’t take group bookings in the summer
  6. Exclusive use of Cohort
    • Make yourselves at home by taking over the whole hostel
  7. Easier and cheaper to park
    • Drop off / Pick up students outside the hostel and park just a few yards away
  8. Safer and more secure
    • With less people around and no other guests in the hostel the already safe St Ives becomes even safer
  9. Start the academic year with a bang
    • Research shows that the learning outcomes of a winter residential are carried through into the rest of the academic year – this includes enthusiasm for the subject and comradeship with classmates
  10. Mental health benefits of going away at the darkest time of year
    • There’s nothing more uplifting than getting away at a time of year when everything feels a bit gloomy. Get some of that blue health by being right next to the ocean

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