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Groups Policy

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Group Acceptance Policy

Cohort, St Ives offers a hybrid hospitality concept of hostel accommodation. We are a specialist educational trip accommodation provider and family friendly hostel. In addition we accept groups, walkers, and all other independent travellers.

Purpose of this policy

This policy defines and establishes which types of groups can book a stay at Cohort, St Ives.  This policy is to provide everyone with an understanding of which type of groups we accept and do not accept. 


For the purpose of this policy, the following group definitions apply:

  • Friendship groups – A group organised by one or more persons on behalf of a group of friends / acquaintances
  • Organised groups – A group where an umbrella body is arranging the trip. Such as, but not limited to, the following:  
    • Tour operator
    • Sports Club
    • Student Union Society
    • Youth or faith-based groups
    • Community or voluntary organisations
  • Educational groups – An organised group whereby participants and/or trip organisers are from an educational setting
  • Working groups – A group staying away for a work related activity (i.e tradespeople)
  • Young Person friendship group – A friendship group consisting of a majority of young people aged between 16 – 18 years old
  • Family Groups – A group consisting of family members
  • Small groups – A group consisting of up to 8 people
  • Large groups – A group consisting of 9 people or over
  • Group trip organiser – the main person who enquires and leads the booking process on behalf of a group looking to stay at Cohort, St Ives

Why do we have a strict Group Acceptance Policy?

Due to the nature of our building the majority of our accommodation is grouped together in one section. As with any accommodation provider, to ensure the enjoyment and comfort of ALL OUR guests it is essential that the accommodation quarter is calm and peaceful.

We wish to avoid disruption to all our guests, and groups *can* be overpowering, no matter how well intentioned. For this reason we operate a strict Group Acceptance policy and Group Stay Policy (see separate policy).

Group acceptance

Educational groups and families form part of our core market and so we give priority and flexibility to these groups over all others.

Here is a list of groups types we do and do not accept at Cohort, St Ives:

Groups we DO NOT accept at Cohort:

  • Working groups
  • All-male friendship groups 7 people and over (unless otherwise agreed)
  • Stag and hen groups
  • Large celebratory groups (i.e birthday celebrations)
  • Friendship groups 17 people and over
  • Large friendship and family groups of 9 people and over during June, July and school holidays
  • Young Person friendship group of 9 people or over

Groups we DO accept:

  • Educational groups
  • Organised groups
  • Small family groups
  • Small friendship groups of up to 8 people during June, July and school holidays
  • Large friendship or family groups up to 16 people from Sept – May (excluding school holidays)
  • Young Person friendship group of up to 8 people

Young Person friendship groups (16 – 18 years)

We accept small (up to 8) friendship groups of young people as long as each member is over 16 years old

The booking must be made by someone 18 years or over such as a parent, guardian or adult who can take responsibility for payment (or damages) even if they are not coming along for the stay.

We will require identification on arrival of all members of the group and we will require the contact details of the group trip organiser who will act as the lead and main contact for the during of the group stay.

Group enquiries and bookings

All group trip organisers who wish to stay with us must read through our Group Acceptance policy on our website to ensure they fit our criteria before booking.

Most small groups (of all types), as long as they fit our criteria, can book their stay online without need for organising via the Groups & Schools Coordinator.

All other groups enquiries and bookings must be made over the phone or by email. Group trip organisers must liaise with the Group & Schools Coordinator by contacting 01736 791664 or by email

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