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Can I find paid employment whilst working with you?

November 27th, 2021

Yes. There are lots of paid opportunities in St Ives. Just come armed with your CV and a smile and you’ll pick up a job in no time. There are approx. 40 bars, restaurants and cafes in St Ives plus plenty of retail shops.

Working is also a great way of immersing yourself in the town, getting to know the locals and experiencing St Ives as a resident. There is a great summer season worker’s community in the town and you’d soon get to know a lot of the other staff in the town pubs, bars and restaurants.

Just remember that if you do find paid employment it has to work around your shifts with us. We will not change our shift patterns to suit a second job. We are your priority and any job accepted cannot interfere with your role with us. Jobs are easy to find in St Ives; accommodation is not. 

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