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April 3rd, 2021

For example, using our energy monitoring system we know what our carbon impact is every month from the use of our utilities. Whilst our electricity comes from renewable sources our gas does not. We know on average (according to 2019 UK Government report on carbon emissions) that 0.184kg of CO2 is produced for every kWh of gas. And so every month we’ll calculate the number of trees we have to purchase to offset this impact

Our business activities extend much further than our utilities. Guests travel to stay with us and then travel around Cornwall sightseeing; our suppliers create CO2 through their activities to supply us with their products/services; we consume so much more than the utilities that keep this building going – such as food and drinks (yes, even the ‘free’ tea and coffee comes with a hefty price tag – 1kg of coffee creates 15.33kg of CO2!). 

So as part of part of our campaign to plant 2500 trees we will be encouraging all our guests to buy a tree to carbon offset their travel, and as well as encouraging our suppliers to purchase trees from us to offset our mutually-beneficial activities.

In addition, we minimise our carbon footprint by (where possible) only buying local (i.e Cornwall) or products that that aren’t fossil fuel intensive to produce (i.e bamboo products).

When calculating our carbon offsets we will use the average annual absorption rate of a tree (over its 25 year lifespan) which is 12kg a year (so 1 tree = 12kg absorbed)…as opposed to the total absorption over a trees lifetime which is 0.3 tonnes.

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