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Meet the team

A ‘cohort’ is a gang of people having a shared experience and our team is a gang of people sharing an experience so…

Meet Cohort Hostel’s cohort

Dan & Lee Strickland, Owners

Constantly smiling, occasionally at loggerheads, meet Lee & Dan Strickland, husband and wife and owners of Cohort Hostel.

That’s Lee – almost continually on the phone, she deals with groups, schools, marketing and finance. Dan is the manager of Cohort Hostel, running ops, renovations and almost entirely focused on building stuff and working toward a plastic free St Ives.

Favourite destination: India (Dan); Argentina (Lee)

David Baker, Asst. Manager

Meet legendary Asst. Manager David (you can call him Dave, he won’t mind). Supremely well travelled and very friendly you’d be hard pushed to find a country Dave hasn’t been to and he’s worked in hostels all over the world.

Surfer, gym bunny, motorbike rider and lover of all things spicy Dave has often been out in the ocean before most of us have had our morning coffee.

Favourite destinations: New Zealand, Japan & Colombia

Adriana Newton, Receptionist

Originally from Krupina in Slovakia Adriana is our receptionist extraordinaire. Adriana actually started her life in St Ives at Cohort Hostel, living here for a few weeks while she looked for a permanent residence – that was 4 years ago.

She wants you to know that she can’t live without chocolate (hint hint) and is haunted by horror films for weeks so no watching them on Netflix when she’s here please!

Favourite destination: Peru

Caroline Turnbull, Receptionist

Caroline moved to St Ives 12 years ago and despite “trying” to get away on a few occasions the pull of the ocean kept bringing her back.

A big part of the community down here Caroline runs the exceptional Farmers Market in the Guildhall and can often be found loitering by the noodles.

She’s a keen netballer and gardener and best of all loves a good chat so tap her up for top St Ives tips when you check in.

Favourite destination: Indonesia

Laura Luing, Cleaning Wizard

Born and bred in Cornwall Laura can be seen dashing around the back roads of the county in her blue van; stopping occasionally to do a bit of gardening.

She loves unusual instruments (like, really unusual!), progressive rock, ales and rat babies – ask her nicely and she’ll show the film of her incredible jumping rat! Don’t talk to her about baking, Boris Johnson or maths, none of which she likes.

Favourite destination: Cuba

Hannah Dawson, Housekeeping

Originally from Surrey Hannah finds herself in St Ives because of the ocean, outdoors and Cornish pasties.

She loves dogs, music festivals, most creative activities and hiking but make sure you adhere to the Highway Code if driving anywhere near her because people not indicating drives her loopy.

She’s a vegetarian who doesn’t eat dairy but when questioned did concede that chocolate was the exception!

Favourite destination: New Zealand

Nicholas Houghton, Housekeeping

Originally from Sydney Nick is over here to do a bit of work, travel through Europe and have new experiences.

Not a huge fan of staying in London Nick loves St Ives for the lifestyle, surfing, beaching (is that a verb?) and eating healthily… he clearly hasn’t been indulging in the cream teas then!

The perfect person to be on our housekeeping team as he abhors disorganised mess and is a self-confessed obsessive compulsive. He also doesn’t seem to suffer from hangovers much to the envy of the rest of the team.

Favourite destination: Japan

Jack Stevenson, Housekeeping

Hot off the back of a degree in Environmental Science from Leeds Uni, Jack joins us in St Ives for the summer reliving childhood memories of family holidays.

He’s a vegan who loves carrots and surfing and is currently volunteering for the amazing Surf Therapy charity – The Wave Project.

He loves music, dislikes littering and is a generally all-round happy chap about the hostel.

Favourite destination: The Lake District

Claire Penvern, Housekeeping

Claire is originally from Brittany in France. She finds herself in St Ives to improve her English, run next to the sea and watch the sunset facing the ocean.

Despite a love of music and playing the piano she is at business school with a sideline in giving kids dance lessons.

Favourite destination: Thailand

Laura Milon, Overnight staff

Born in Toulouse, France Laura is in St Ives to practice her English, surfing, yoga and hang by the ocean.

You can often find her upside down in the Chill Out area of the lounge and if you ask very nicely she’ll take you through some yoga moves.

She’s so sweet that when asked if there was anything she didn’t like she couldn’t think of anything…

Favourite destination: Asturias, Spain

Thomas Barrere, Overnight staff

Thomas is from Perpignon originally but is happiest being a nomad in a campervan.

A trained lifeguard and manic surfer, conditions have to be awful for him not to be out in the ocean. He’s with us for the summer but not a fan of English food, concrete or – very specifically – jelly! We’ve got 6 months to convert him!

Favourite destination: Anywhere in a van

Work for Cohort

If you’re keen to see your face on this page then drop us a line with your available dates, what you’re looking for and details of any relevant experience. We welcome volunteers and staff from all over the world and are still recruiting for 2019.

Send an email to David Baker on

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