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3 weeks in: A footnote

July 25th, 2020

I wonder if that’s all the Coronavirus Pandemic will be in a few decades time? A footnote in history; a passing mention the way we talk about Spanish Flu and the Great Depression. Will we remember the chaos it caused? The loss of lives and livelihoods? The anxiety, the fear, the confusion?

I only mention it like that because 3 weeks into being open the memories of lockdown are already fading. The stress of being shut has been replaced by different stresses, albeit more positive ones.

Systems are in place, leaflets have been printed, signs on the floor are commonplace now – so much so I don’t even notice the impact they’ve had on our decor.

So, how’s it going?

**Makes a Robert De Niro style head nod**. It’s going allright, you know. The booking calendar is filling up as holidaymakers are gaining in confidence, no one seems too put out by the changes we’ve had to make in order to be Covid-Secure, and all our guests just seem super happy to be in St Ives.

Which. Is. Lovely.

And a real relief!

I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t kept up at night thinking about people arriving at reception and being upset because the communal kitchen was shut, the TV room closed off and the book exchange stripped bare.

You lovely people are all really understanding, sympathetic and seem to be having a lovely time despite all those little inconveniences.

St Ives is still St Ives

We are lucky that the sun has been shining and St Ives is still St Ives in all its glory. The SW Coast Path is still spectacular; the beaches are still beautiful, St Michael’s Mount, Lands End, Zennor, Godrevy Lighthouse, Porthkidney Sands… they’re all still there and no less visit-worthy than they were 12 months ago.

St Ives is still the most beautiful place I know and I’m delighted that Cohort is open so we get to share it with you.

So what am I missing?

A ‘cohort’ is a gang of people having a shared experience; we named our hostel so because it was our vision for the place. Sociable, friendly, an experience in itself.

I’m missing that. I’m missing the buzzy lounge in the morning when everyone comes in to get their tea and coffee. I’m missing people exchanging contact details in the lounge before departure because they met in the dorm and had an awesome night out. I’m definitely missing the odd guest who overcooks for breakfast / lunch / dinner and brings leftover food up to reception staff (it happens!) :-).

But it will be that way again, I’m sure of it and if willpower and sheer determination counts for anything, we will still be here! It’s gonna be a tough winter but we will see you on the other side.

And in the meantime, thanks

Thanks for your support, your bookings, your words of encouragement. Thanks for being easy-going in light of all the changes we’ve had to make.

Most of all thanks for trusting us with your health and wellbeing.

Stay with us